Baha Men

"You go an' 'ave fun with da Smooch, little mon!"

The Baha Men are chalk versions of a real Caribbean "junkanoo" band of the same name, who are famed for their remake of the song "Who Let the Dogs Out?", in which the real band actually voices them.

They are: Mahaha, who can telekineticlly move thing (and people) by singing; Rica, who's drumming can manifest magical musical notes; and Mohaha, who's magic hair can move and grab things.

They are laid-back, fun-loving islanders, who enjoy preforming music, having parties. Their island - called Bahahama - surrounds a smaller island - called Smooch Island - like a crescent. Smooch Island is the home to the Smooch, and they consider the island sacred. They often travel to this island my foot (during low tides) to get smooched. They also enjoy omitting the effects of the Smooch to visitors, so they can enjoy watching them go into a giggling and kissing frenzy.


The Baha Men are clearly based on the real-life Bahamian band of the same name.