Balloonemia epidemic is a plague that ChalkZone inhabitants suffered from at least twice. It is spread by tiny red bats who infect chalk drawings by biting them. Once one is infected, they will rapidly inflate until their bodies eventually burst. Humans cannot be infected by Balloonemia, as Rudy was bit by the bats but did not suffer from Balloonemia. ChalkZone suffered from Balloonemia the second time in The Big Blow Up. Little is known about the first Balloonemia epidemic except that King Mumbo Jumbo tamed the bats with his flute before sealing himself and the bats away in his Forbidden Temple, where they rested until the temple was reopened by Rudy, Penny and Snap. While Biclops knew of Balloonemia, the only known characters that experienced the first epidemic are King Mumbo Jumbo and Barney the Encyclocentipedia.

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