|CZ Skrawl |Skrawl |One of Rudy's creations that was vandalized by bullies, he's a vile creature who's extremely bitter over his grotesque appearance. He seeks to get revenge on his creator by stealing his magic chalk and conquering Chalkzone. |-

|Reggie Bullnerd |Reggie Bullnerd |A mean-spirited bully who hates Rudy's guts and loves to watch him suffer. He has a habit of getting Rudy and Penny in trouble by blaming his antics on them. |-

|Mr wilter big |Mr. Wilter |A grumpy, irritable teacher who hates Rudy almost as much as he hates cartoons. A strict authoritarian, he's quick to dole out punishments and failing grades to his students on a regular basis, whether they deserve them or not. |-

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