Main Protagonists

Picture Name Description
Rudy tabootie big Rudy Rudy is in Fifth Grade. He travels to ChalkZone with his best friends Penny and Snap. He has magic chalk that he can use to draw portals into ChalkZone and draw things out of thin air. It has been suggested throughout the series that he has a crush on Penny. He is 10 years old
Penny sanchez big Penny Rudy's best friend, a genius who helps him, and is the only other human besides Rudy who knows about ChalkZone. She is also in fifth grade just like Rudy. It has been shown that she might have a crush on Rudy. She is the same age as Rudy.
Snap big Snap Snap is a small blue, humanoid drawing made by Rudy, and his best friend. Created by Rudy when he was 8 years old, he speaks with a New Jersey-like accent, and is adventurous and witty. His suit looks like something a superhero would wear.