Chunky is a music video composed by Bill Burnett, and preformed by Candi Milo as Snap, E.G. Daily as Rudy, and Hynden Walch as Penny.


Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh

Chunky! Chunky! Chunky!
Chunky chunky peanut butter

Quick as you can get it
Open it and spread it
Oo you won't regret it
Chunky chunky peanut butter
Chunky peanut butter
Sets my heart a flutter
Makes me st-st-stutter
Chunky chunky peanut butter

Ooo, I'd like to use it to paint my room
Ooo, maybe when I'm older I'll spread that peanut butter all over the moon

Chunky! Chunky!
Chunky Chunky Chunky Chunky Chunky Chunky Chunky Chunky CHUNKY!

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