Hi There! I'm staring a Fanfic series on ChalkZone. The maybe no new series on Nick, I don't know but I thought give a go on what Series 5 might have turned out if ChalkZone was still on TV and also start off the ChalkZone Wiki Fanon! I'll try to keep the fanfic much to the storyline of the show as much as possible. That means NO DRUGS, BLOOD, GORY, SEX AND NO SWEARING!!!!!! That I can promise you! Anything I use here that is someone else idea or work, I will be sure to mention that it is theirs. But I will also put up some of my own artwork as well if I can. If you have any ideas of your own or comments about this, follow the Comment blogpage link and leave your comments there! Well that is all and I hope all of you CZ fans will enjoy this and I will keep updating as much as possible. Story Links and Blog link down below:

Fan Series 5:

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