"French Fry Falls"
Season 1, Episode 4
French Fry Falls Title Card
Production Code: 104A
Airdate: March 29, 2002
Writer(s): Bill Burnett

Larry Huber

Director(s): George Chialtas

Monty Young

Storyboards by: Paul McEvoy

Bob Boyle

Art Direction: Carlos Ramos
Hair to Stay
Gift Adrift

French Fry Falls is the first part of the fourth episode of the first season of Chalkzone


While cruising down The Amazin' River, Rudy, Snap, and Penny come across the Magic Chalk mines where Biclops, the "dreaded" Monster who crossed paths with Rudy 2 years ago. Biclops soon discovers that the Chalkzone Trio are sailing down the river and warns them about the danger that awaits them at the end of the river. However, Rudy and the Company had already retreated in fear before they could even listen to Biclop's heed. They soon see them selves at the brink of Frenchfry falls at the end of the river. Biclops saves the three of them just in time. He then returns them to the Magic Chalk Mines. Bi clops recounts his first encounter with Rudy.v It began When Rudy was 8, one day, at school, he received a letter: Rudy, hows abouts you and me take a trip to the Amazin' River. From Snap. Rudy goes into Chalkzone and falls into the river. It's in pieces. He connects it with his magic chalk. He draws a wooden sneaker. The biclops took it up. Rudy flies into the sky. Some pencils destroy Rudy's balloon. And his magic chalk is used up. He and Snap fall into a place guarded by the biclops called "Magic Chalk Mines." The biclops says, "Ye must'nt be takin any of that magic chalk, ye!" His flasback ends with Rudy giving him his second eye. He thanks rudy for his past deed and gives him a load of Magic Chalk. The Trio sail back to the river and return to their normal lives.