Mildred Trish "Millie" Tabootie is Rudy's mother. She is a stay-at-home mom who enjoys yoga and writes an advice column for the local newspaper.

Personality Edit

Millie is a kind and friendly woman and a good mother and also has an operatic singing voice when she calls Rudy to come down.

Physical Description Edit

Millie short and overweight than Joe. She has curly shoulder-length blonde hair that is roughly bob-length and blue eyes. She wears a lilac dress with matching heels and a white pearl necklace with matching earrings. In some episodes, she wears a teal polo shirt, with matching heels, a pea green skirt and a dark green pearl necklace with matching earrings. As a child, she had a pink bow on her head and wore a pink dress and black dress shoes and also wears pink knee-high socks.

History Edit

Millie has lived in Plainville since childhood. As a child, she attended Clunkwright School with Rudy's father, Joe Tabootie.

Relationships Edit


Rudy is Millie's only son. Millie has a loving relationship with her son,  

Joe Tabootie

Joe is Millie's husband. The two are deeply in love and have a good relationship. Joe has been in love with Millie since elementary school, when he first saw her win the spelling bee and thought she was "the prettiest girl he'd ever seen." In high school, they went to a Hawaiian-themed prom together, and they dreamed of going on a Hawaiian vacation together, sharing a special connection to the song "Honolulu Lulu."


Tillie is Rudy's aunt, and is the sister of either Millie or Joe Tabootie. The two women are good friends, often spending time doing yoga together.


Sophie is Millie's niece.