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Horace T. Wilter is Rudy and Penny's disgruntled teacher and one of the show's main antagonists. he was arrested by the police in the season 1 episode in the chalkzone secerts passages.


Personality Edit

Mr. Wilter is your usual evil teacher stereotype: intellectually unqualified and quick to dole out punishment the children he doesn't like. Despite his incompetence, he has a high opinion of himself as a teacher and is extremely pompous. Though he once enjoyed them as a child, he now has a burning hatred for cartoons, which often put him at odds with Rudy's innate creativity. He is also shown to be a crabby man.

Appearance Edit

Mr. Wilter is a tall, lanky middle-aged man with a balding head, a mustache, green eyes and a long, pointy nose. He has long, twig-like legs that are bigger than any other part of his body. His usual attire consists of a red suit jacket over a white dress shirt and red tie, brown pants that cut off at the ankles, long white socks and brown shoes.

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