It's Friday, meaning it's Pie Day for Snap! He starts off happy, but when he notices the mob guarding the Stick Figure Bakery he is then stopped by an angry new Orleans speaking penguin who is the leader of the mob assisting to stop pie day in a rage of telling the bakers that dessert isn't before dinner. snap angrily steps on the jack in the box persuading him not to be a hero and goes flying into the bakery. he then persuades the bakers to bake pies on pie day as the head manager. the bakers start of baking pies while the angry people outside try to keep yelling as hard as they can. soon there are only 3 minutes left and the pies come out baked just in time. as snap asks if pie day as started one baker throws a pie in his face announcing, now it's pie day! soon everyone starts throwing pies everywhere on the face and the walls. soon the commotion gets so wild the penguin notices about it and opens the door allowing pies to be tossed out to the mob and eventually they realize it's only a game and get carried away to join the action. soon the commotion is getting so ridiculously insane the penguin comes in only to angrily shout stop. he soon catches snap to tell him that pies are for eating snap surprised by this thinks that he is to old and can't understand anything cool and tells him that he sees the world in black and white and tells him to put some color in his life splatting him with two pies he was holding up. soon the action resumes and snap throws a pie out at the audience.