"Rudy's First Adventure"
Season 1, Episode 1A
Rudy's First Adventure titlecard
Production Code: 101A
Airdate: December 31, 1999 (original debut), March 22, 2002 ("official" debut)
Villain(s) Featured: Bully-Nerd
Writer(s): Larry Huber and Bill Burnett
Director(s): George Chialtas and Jamie Diaz
Storyboards by: Barry Bunce and Carlos Ramos
Art Direction: Carlos Ramos
Music by: Guy Moon
Rudy's Story

Rudy's First Adventure is the first episode of the first season of ChalkZone.


While in detention, Rudy finds out about the Magic Chalk and he goes into the ChalkZone, a place where all the erased chalk pictures go to. He meets up with Snap, a picture of a superhero that Rudy drew in 2nd grade, and a monster named Bully-Nerd based on Reggie Bullnerd. With Snap's help, can Rudy beat the thick-headed monster?