Skrawl is a chalk drawing who was created accidentally by Rudy after his classmates vandalized one of his drawings. He is a villain who attempts to destroy Rudy and his friends, as well as trying to take over ChalkZone.

Personality Edit

Skrawl is bitter due to his grotesque physical appearance, and is vengeful towards Rudy for creating him. He is manipulative and has shown a tendency to be rather theatrical.

Physical Description Edit

Skrawl has been described by various characters as looking like a "potato", a "jellybean", and a "cootie" on multiple occasions. He has an asymmetrical bean-shaped body that is comprised of two different shades of green. The top part of of his body, where his face is located, is a light, almost periwinkle green; the lower section is a dark forest green. He has three limbs with a badly-drawn red-orange hand-like appendage at the end of each. His mouth is wide enough to breach the sides of his face, and is full of rounded yellow teeth. He has one blue eye (left) and one red eye (right). He also has purple hair and five red antennae on the top of his head.

History Edit

Skrawl was originally intended to be a drawing at Michelle's birthday party, but as Rudy was drawing the first line of the drawing, Reggie and the other kids at the birthday party took the chalk and began making their own additions one by one, resulting in an amalgamation of misshapen parts. Michelle then erased the Skrawl, and he came to life in Chalkzone, blaming Rudy for his hideous form.

Relationships Edit


Skrawl hates Rudy, blaming Rudy for his monstrous appearance and desiring vengeance. In The Skrawl, Rudy is sympathetic towards Skrawl, and attempts to make peace with him; however, Skrawl does not appear to be interested in making amends, and would rather see Rudy and his friends destroyed.


Initially, Skrawl dislikes Penny as much as he dislikes all of Rudy's friends and creations. However, in Chalk Queen, he demonstrates that he harbors no permanent grudge against her, showing a gracious willingness to cooperate with her as long as she is working for him.


Skrawl seems to dislike and resent Snap, along with most other Zoners, due to his jealousy of Snap's more 'normal' appearance, as well as disliking him for the fact that Snap is Rudy's best friend.

Beanie Boys

The Beanie Boys are Skrawl's obedient henchmen.