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Rudy, Penny and Snap are visiting the set of Queen Rapsheeba's latest play. Rapsheeba shows them the spot where she was originally erased into Chalkzone and explains that every so often, costumes are erased at that same spot. She's never met her creator, but she knows she is the one drawing the costumes. Rudy offers her the opportunity to at least see her creator by drawing a lift up to the chalk surface. After drawing a small hole in the board, Rudy spots Rapsheeba's creator, a pretty teenage girl named Trina, and instantly falls in love with her. Rapsheeba takes a peek too and marvels at how similar she and her creator are. Later, in the real world, Rudy and Penny are heading to the library to do a project, but Rudy abandons Penny, claiming he wants to join the after school theater troupe, which Trina is part of, even though he hated their play. Rudy meets with Trina and claims to be a big fan of hers. He points out several things he noticed when he first saw her, making her wonder if he was spying on her. However, the director of the theater troupe whisks Rudy away before he can give a straight answer. Rudy thinks that Trina likes him, but he wants her to REALLY like him, so he escapes into Chalkzone while the director is monologuing to find out how. Meanwhile, Snap and Rapsneeba are doing a dress rehearsal of Romeo & Juliet and Snap is having trouble remembering his lines. Rudy shows up and asks Rapsheeba what her idea of a perfect guy is. She says that she wants strength, singing skills and a witty sense of humor in a man. She also remarks that Snap has all of those qualities. With that in mind, Rudy returns to the theater and repeatedly shows off to Trina. He even draws a picture of him sweeping her off her feet. Trina's friends laugh about how hard Rudy is crushing on Trina and say she needs to let him down. Rudy shows her the picture and she teases him by asking him for a kiss. Rudy is too nervous to do it, and Trina reveals that she was just kidding. She then rejects him, saying that she's too old for him. Rudy leaves in depression, angry at himself for what he did. Penny shows up and reminds him of their project and that she is his biggest fan. Rudy feels better and apologizes to Penny for ditching her. They walk off together to finish their project.

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