The Futuredome, or Dome of the Future, is where all of ChalkZone's futuristic ideas and inventions of the future are dropped off. Many of these inventions malfunction or have many flaws. The Futuredome is also home to Craniac 4, and was previously home to Craniacs 3, 2, and 1. Some of the inventions in the Futuredome include:

  • The Thermovator. Flaws: All beings who are not robots will have heatflashes after riding it.
  • The Flying Skateboard. Flaws: The user always crashes into walls.
  • Freezing Tube. Where outdated Craniacs go. Craniacs 1, 2, and 3 are suck in freezing tubes. The exact reason for freezing outdated Craniacs is unknown, although it is possibly because they are considered useless now that newer technology is available.y is available.

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