• This episode (along with "Rapunzel" and "Hair to Stay", which it was paired up with) was produced as the third episode of the series, however it aired as the sixth episode of the series (and season finale of the first season).
  • This was the last episode to premiere for a little over a year, as season two wouldn't premiere until May 30, 2003. The gap between seasons was so large that a number of fans were beginning to speculate that Nickelodeon had cancelled the show after one season.
  • This was the last episode to premiere in the show's original Friday at 8:30 PM EST timeslot. From season two on, new episodes would premiere on Fridays still, but at 9:30 PM EST as the last show to play on Nickelodeon before Nick@Nite began (until the hiatus during season four which lasted three years).
  • This episode marks the first appearances of Terry Bouffant, Ken Spark, Michelle Norweigiano (unnamed at the time), and the wiggies. 
  • In this episode only, Terry Bouffant's outfit is gray instead of green, and her earrings are black.
  • The hermit, who only appears in this episode, would later on appear in a ChalkZone comic in Nickelodeon Magazine in the July 2004 issue, leading up to the premiere of The Big Blow Up.
  • The hat shop's name, Burnett's Hats, is a reference to series co-creator Bill Burnett.
  • Rudy's bedroom walls are mint green in color in this episode and "Gift Adrift" (which was produced earlier and aired first but takes place after this episode in production order). In the Oh Yeah! Cartoons short "Secret Passages", they're yellow. They'll go back to yellow in the second season.
  • Clips from this episode would later appear in the episode "Indecent Exposure".


  • When Rudy began playing the accordian worm, his buck tooth disappears for a frame.
  • Rudy's bedroom walls are darker in color at the end of the episode.
  • Terry Bouffant is accidentally credited as two characters, as a comma was put in between her first and last name.

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