That's right! YOU CAN POST FANON, JUST AS LONG AS IT IS NOT ON ACTUAL PAGES. Here's what you can do to make a fanon page -

  1. Make the page start with your username, e.g. TheWonderKat/Herbert P. Bear. But if you don't have a username put Anonymous fanon, e.g. Anonymous fanon/Chalkzone: Chalk for Life.
  2. Add your info for your creation there. For characters, use the character infobox. For users, use the normal userbox. For episodes, use the episode infobox.
  3. You may upload fan art, just as long as it is ONLY used on your fanon page and not on canon pages. You can upload other peoples' fan art, but you have to tell who originally made it, and you can't claim their artwork as your own or else you'll be accused of ART THEFT!
  4. Fanon must, also, be child appropriate. In other words:
    1. No sexual activity or showing of private parts.
    2. No profanity or swearing.
    3. No graphic violence, which means no blood and gore.
    4. No drug use, though, cigars are an exception.
  5. Profit Publish it, and MAKE SURE TO PLACE {{Fanon}} AT THE TOP OF PAGE!

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