aka lindsey

  • I live in weeb city
  • My occupation is full-time weeb and chalkzone aficionado
  • I am actually chika takami
  • Nozomivevo

    I've been meaning to help clean up and contribute to this wiki for a while, and while I made a few edits and contributions a few months ago, it wasn't anywhere near as much as I plan to contribute. As such, I'm going to make it my goal for the next few months (specifically over the summer) to rewatch the series. Along the way, I will contribute as much information as I possibly can while voiding any inaccurate information (which there seems to be quite a lot of, especially in the more popular pages).

    That being said, two pages I would especially like to improve are the Home and Episode Guide pages, which both require admin status to edit. No, I'm not asking for a promotion to such a status, but I would like the help of anyone who sees this …

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